Phrasal Verbs Using 'Let'

Let down

Disappoint, fail to keep an arrangement

Example:She failed to turn up and I felt badly LET DOWN.

Let down

Make clothes longer

Example:He's grown so much, we'll have to LET his trousers DOWN.

Let in

Allow someone to enter

Example:The doorstaff didn't LET him IN the nightclub because he was wearing jeans.

Let in on

Tell someone a secret, inform them or allow them to participate

Example:They LET me IN ON what they were planning.

Let off

Not punish

Example:The judge LET him OFF with a fine rather than a prison sentence since it was his first offence.

Let on

Tell a secret

Example:I didn't mean to LET ON about the party; I just said it without thinking.

Let out

Allow to leave or go out

Example:The convict was LET OUT of prison after serving five years of an eight-year sentence.

Let out

Make a sound

Example:He LET OUT a huge sigh of relief when he heard the results.

Let out

Make clothes bigger

Example:I've put on so much weight that I'm going to have to LET my suits OUT.