Phrasal Verb 'Live'

We have 17 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Live'.

Live by

Meaning: Follow a belief system to guide your behaviour

Example: He tries hard to LIVE BY the Bible.

Live down

Meaning: Stop being embarrassed about something

Example: If I fail the test and everyone else passes, I'll never be able to LIVE it DOWN.

Live for

Meaning: Believe something is extremely important

Example: He LIVES FOR football.

Live in

Meaning: Live in the place where you work or study.

Example: The university has a residential halls where students can LIVE IN.

Live it up

Meaning: Have a good time by spending a lot of money

Example: She's been LIVING IT UP like crazy since she won the lottery.

Live off

Meaning: Use money earned

Example: They find it hard to LIVE OFF the money they make.

Live off

Meaning: Be financially supported

Example: He’s 40 and he still LIVES OFF his parents.

Live on

Meaning: Use money for basic necessities

Example: They have to LIVE ON $200 a week.

Live on

Meaning: Not be forgotten

Example: He's been dead for many years, but his name LIVES ON.

Live out

Meaning: Stay somewhere until you die

Example: She LIVED OUT her final years in a nursing home.

Live out

Meaning: Fulfill an ambition or fantasy

Example: Many parents try to LIVE OUT their dreams through their children.

Live out

Meaning: Not live at the place where you study or work

Example: In my final year at university I LIVED OUT with some friends in a flat we rented.

Live through

Meaning: Experience different times

Example: It was hard to LIVE THROUGH the recession, but we managed it.

Live together

Meaning: Have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying

Example: We LIVED TOGETHER for a few years before we got married.

Live up to

Meaning: Meet expectations or standards

Example: The concert didn't LIVE UP TO my expectations.

Live with

Meaning: Accept something unpleasant

Example: It's hard to LIVE WITH the pain of a serious illness.

Live with

Meaning: Have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying

Example: I LIVED WITH her for a couple of years before the relationship went sour.