Phrasal Verbs with 'Lock'

Lock away

Lock in a safe place

Example: He LOCKED the gun AWAY in a drawer.

Lock away

Put someone in prison or a mental hospital for a very long time

Example: They LOCKED him AWAY for life after the murders.

Lock down

Make very secure

Example: If you lock down your computer properly, it is very difficult for people to access it.

Lock in

Lock a place to stop someone leaving

Example: They LOCKED him IN the room until he had calmed down.

Lock in

Commit someone in such a way that they cannot leave

Example: They are LOCKED IN now that they have paid their subscription.

Lock onto

Find a target and head for it

Example: The missile LOCKED ONTO the plane and blew it out of the sky.

Lock out

Close a workplace to stop workers entering

Example: The management LOCKED the staff OUT because they had turned down the pay offer.

Lock out

Lock a place to stop someone getting in

Example: I lost my key and LOCKED myself OUT.

Lock up

Close all doors, windows, etc.

Example: She LOCKED UP after everyone had left and went home.

Lock up

Lock something in a safe place

Example: I LOCKED my money UP in the safe.

Lock up

Put in prison or a mental hospital

Example: They LOCKED him UP for burglary.

Lock yourself away

Go somewhere away from people to study or work

Example: I LOCK MYSELF AWAY for a few weeks before exams.