Phrasal Verbs with 'Make'

Make after


Example:The police MADE AFTER the stolen car.

Make away with


Example:The thieves MADE AWAY WITH the painting.

Make do with

Accept something less satisfactory because there's no alternative

Example:There's no coffee, so we'll have to MAKE DO WITH tea.

Make for

Head in a certain direction

Example:We MADE FOR home when it started raining.

Make for

Produce a result or situation

Example:The low quality of the service MADE FOR a lot of dissatisfaction.

Make into

Change something into something else

Example:Many churches have been MADE INTO flats in recent years.

Make it

Arrive or get a result

Example:I thought you weren't coming, so I was really pleased you MADE IT.

Make it up to

Try to compensate for doing something wrong

Example:He tried to MAKE IT UP TO her, but she wouldn't speak to him.

Make of

Understand or have an opinion

Example:What do you MAKE OF your new boss?

Make off

Leave somewhere in a hurry

Example:They MADE OFF when they heard the police siren.

Make off with


Example:Thieves MADE OFF WITH over a million dollars in the robbery.

Make out

Make a cheque payable to somebody

Example:Please MAKE the cheque OUT to RGM Productions Ltd.

Make out


Example:He MADE OUT that he was ill so that he didn't have to go to school.

Make out


Example:How are your children MAKING OUT at the new school?

Make out

Kiss and pet

Example:They were MAKING OUT at the party last night.

Make out

Discern a small detail

Example:I can just MAKE OUT the outline of a flying saucer in this photo.

Make out

Be able to see or hear something

Example:Can you MAKE OUT what she's saying?

Make out

Understand someone's nature or personality

Example:He's strange; I can't MAKE him OUT.

Make over

Change appearance

Example:The beauty salon gave her a MAKEOVER before the party.

Make over

Give money or possessions to someone in a legal way

Example:She MADE OVER her property to her children.

Make towards

Head in the direction

Example:We MADE TOWARDS the centre.

Make up

Stop being angry with someone

Example:They are always arguing, but they MAKE UP again very quickly.

Make up

Put on cosmetics

Example:She went to the bathroom to MAKE her face UP.

Make up

Invent a story

Example:They MADE UP an excuse for being late.

Make up for


Example:I sent her a present to try to MAKE UP FOR my appalling behaviour.

Make up to

Increase a sum received to a higher figure

Example:The charity collected £24,517.57, and the anonymous donor MADE the total UP TO £25,000'

Make with

Give (usually used as an imperative)

Example:MAKE WITH the money you owe me.