Phrasal Verb 'Measure'

We have 10 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Measure'.

Measure against

Meaning: Evaluate or judge by comparison

Example: The work doesn't look good if you MEASURE it AGAINST what our competitors have done.

Measure off

Meaning: Measure something and mark the point where it ends or will be cut

Example: The tailor MEASURED OFF the material for my suit.

Measure off

Meaning: Mark a length on something to cut it

Example: He MEASURED OFF a metre of the silk.

Measure out

Meaning: Measure or weigh the amount needed

Example: He MEASURED OUT the flour for the bread.

Measure out

Meaning: Weigh or measure an exact amount

Example: She MEASURED OUT a hundred grammes of the powder.

Measure up

Meaning: Find the size of something

Example: The estate agent MEASURED UP all the rooms.

Measure up

Meaning: Be good enough, meet the required standard

Example: She didn't MEASURE UP in her probationary period, so we didn't extend her contract.

Measure up

Meaning: Be good enough

Example: They made her a director, but she didn't MEASURE UP.

Measure up

Meaning: Find out the size of something

Example: They MEASURED UP the room.

Measure up to

Meaning: Be good enough or worthy of something

Example: I hope to MEASURE UP TO the confidence you have in me.