Phrasal Verbs with 'Move'

Move ahead

Make progress, often after a pause or delay

Example: The construction can MOVE AHEAD now that permisson has been granted.

Move along

Tell someone to move from a place

Example: The police told the people watching to MOVE ALONG.

Move along

Develop or progress in a reasonable or satisfactory manner

Example: The project's MOVING ALONG and everything should be ready on time.

Move away

Leave the area where you have been living

Example: I MOVED AWAY when the factory shut down.

Move away from

Stop doing or using something to change to something different

Example: They're MOVING AWAY FROM Windows and are using Linux.

Move down

Move a student to a lower level

Example: He was finding the course too difficult so they MOVED him DOWN.

Move in

Start living in a place

Example: The house was empty for ages, but some new tenants MOVED IN a few weeks ago.

Move in on

Approach, often stealthily

Example: As he watched, the hyenas began to MOVE IN ON the hapless wildebeest.

Move into

Start living in a place

Example: They MOVED INTO the house as soon as it was ready.

Move on

Change the subject or your job

Example: She MOVED ON to another company where the salary was considerably better.

Move on

Make people move from a place

Example: The police MOVED the crowd ON because they were holding up the traffic.

Move out

Leave a place you live or work in

Example: She's tired of living there and is MOVING OUT.

Move out


Example: The president said they would MOVE the troops OUT next year.

Move out

Change lane or position to pass a vehicle

Example: I MOVED OUT to overtake the bus.

Move towards

Make preparations for something

Example: The government are MOVING TOWARDS free elections.

Move up

Move to make space

Example: Could you MOVE UP and let me sit down?

Move up

Move to a higher level

Example: They MOVED her UP to senior management.