Phrasal Verbs with 'See'

See about

Arrange, consider

Example: I'll SEE ABOUT whether we can manage it.

See into

Accompany someone into an office

Example: Her secretary SAW me INTO her office.

See off

Chase somebody or something away

Example: A cat came into the back garden but the dog soon SAW it OFF.

See off

Go to the airport, station, etc., to say goodbye to someone

Example: I went to the station to SEE them OFF.

See out

Accompany a guest to your front door when they are leaving your house

Example: Are you sure you're going? I'll get your coats and SEE you OUT.

See through

Continue with something to the end

Example: They had a lot of difficulties in implementing the project, but the team SAW it THROUGH successfully.

See through

Realise someone is lying or being deceitful

Example: The police quickly SAW THROUGH her disguise and arrested her.

See to

Deal with something

Example: He SAW TO the arrangements and everything ran smoothly and efficiently.