Phrasal Verb 'Send'

We have 10 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Send'.

Send back

Meaning: Return something

Example: I SENT my food BACK because it was overcooked.

Send for

Meaning: Ask someone to come and help

Example: I had to SEND FOR a plumber because the radiator was leaking.

Send in

Meaning: Order people into a place to handle a problem

Example: The police were SENT IN to quell the riot as the protesters had started burning cars and wrecking shops.

Send in

Meaning: Write to get information

Example: If you want to enter the competition, you have to SEND IN for an entry form.

Send off

Meaning: Expel a sports player from a match

Example: The football striker was SENT OFF for arguing with the referee's decision.

Send off

Meaning: Post a letter

Example: I must SEND this letter OFF today otherwise it won't get there in time.

Send off for

Meaning: Order something by post

Example: I SENT OFF FOR some jeans that I liked in the catalogue.

Send out

Meaning: Send something to a lot of people

Example: They SENT OUT a mailshot to all their existing customers.

Send out for

Meaning: Order takeaway food by phone

Example: We couldn't be bothered to cook, so we SENT OUT FOR a pizza.

Send up

Meaning: Imitate/impersonate for comic effect

Example: The mischievous schoolboy was standing at the front of the class, SENDING the teacher UP, when the teacher opened the door behind him.