Phrasal Verbs with 'Shake'

Shake down


Example: The police SHOOK the house DOWN looking for drugs.

Shake down

Extort or cheat money from someone

Example: He SHOOK the guy DOWN with some story about needing the money for an operation.

Shake off

Get rid of an illness

Example: It took me ages to SHAKE OFF the cough.

Shake out

Shake clothes, cloths, etc to remove dirt or creases

Example: He took the tablecloth outside and SHOOK it OUT after dinner.

Shake up

Upset or shock

Example: The news of her death really SHOOK me UP.

Shake up

Make major changes to improve or save a company, organisation, etc

Example: The management are SHAKING things UP and getting rid of a lot of workers.

Shake up

Mix things in a container by shaking hard

Example: Pour the ingredients into a container and SHAKE them UP.