Phrasal Verb 'Shoot'

We have 9 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Shoot'.

Shoot away

Meaning: Leave somewhere quickly

Example: He SHOT AWAY as soon as the bell rang for the end of the lesson.

Shoot back

Meaning: Return quickly

Example: I'm SHOOTING BACK home to pick up some things I forgot to bring with me.

Shoot for

Meaning: Have as a goal

Example: I’m SHOOTING FOR nothing less than the presidency.

Shoot off

Meaning: Leave promptly and quickly

Example: I'll have to SHOOT OFF as soon as the lesson finishes, otherwise I'll miss my train.

Shoot out

Meaning: Go out for a short time

Example: I'm SHOOTING OUT to the shops for a paper.

Shoot up

Meaning: Increase quickly

Example: The share prices of internet companies have been SHOOTING UP lately.

Shoot up

Meaning: Take illicit drugs intravenously.

Example: The heroin-user would SHOOT UP in shop doorways.

Shoot up

Meaning: Damage with gun-shots

Example: The gangsters SHOT UP the pub.

Shoot up

Meaning: Increase quickly, grow

Example: Johnny has SHOT UP since I last saw him