Phrasal Verbs with 'Shut'

Shut away

Imprison or remove someone's freedom

Example: Many people have been SHUT AWAY in psychiatric hospitals for disagreeing with the government.

Shut down

Close a business, shop, etc.

Example: The shop SHUT DOWN when the out-of-town supermarket opened.

Shut down

Turn a computer off

Example: You should close all programs before you SHUT a computer DOWN.

Shut in

Prevent someone from leaving

Example: I SHUT the cat IN until it was time to go to the vet.

Shut off

Close, prevent access

Example: They SHUT the water OFF while they did the repairs.

Shut out


Example: You have to SHUT your feelings OUT to deal with it.

Shut out

Not allow a player or team to score

Example: The Dodgers SHUT OUT the Giants 3-0.

Shut out of

Exclude someone from an activity, etc

Example: He's been SHUT OUT OF the discussions.

Shut up

Stop talking or making noise

Example: He told us to SHUT UP and start working.

Shut up

Close for a period of time

Example: They SHUT the shop UP for a fortnight while they were on holiday.

Shut yourself away

Withdraw from company

Example: She's SHUT herself AWAY to revise for her exams.