Phrasal Verb 'Sit'

We have 20 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Sit'.

Sit about

Meaning: Sit and do nothing, especially when you should be working

Example: We spent the afternoon SITTING ABOUT chatting instead of doing any work.

Sit around

Meaning: Sit idly, doing nothing

Example: They just SAT AROUND while the others did all the work.

Sit back

Meaning: Wait for something to happen without making any effort

Example: We SAT BACK and waited for them to make the first mistake.

Sit back

Meaning: Relax in a chair

Example: I SAT BACK and enjoyed the show.

Sit by

Meaning: Not try to stop something

Example: I can't SIT BY while they are punished wrongly.

Sit down

Meaning: Help someone to sit

Example: The nurse SAT me DOWN in a chair.

Sit for

Meaning: Pose for an artist or photographer

Example: The Queen SAT FOR another official portrait.

Sit for

Meaning: Look after children while their parents are out

Example: She SITS FOR her neighbors when they go out.

Sit in

Meaning: Occupy a building to protest about something

Example: The students SAT IN the Library as a protest against the increase in tuition fees.

Sit in for

Meaning: Take on someone's responsibilities while they are absent

Example: Her deputy's SITTING IN FOR her while she's away.

Sit in on

Meaning: Attend as an observer

Example: She SAT IN ON the meeting and took notes but said nothing.

Sit on

Meaning: Be on a committee

Example: She's SAT ON the finance committee from the beginning.

Sit on

Meaning: To handle somebody firmly who behaves impertinently, conceitedly

Example: If his girlfriend finds out, she'll get mad and SIT ON him.

Sit on

Meaning: Hold information back or keep it secret

Example: The government have been SITTING ON the report because it was so critical.

Sit out

Meaning: Not take part

Example: I had to SIT the game OUT because I was ill.

Sit over

Meaning: Eat or drink slowly

Example: WE SAT OVER dinner discussing the plans.

Sit through

Meaning: Stay till the end of something dull

Example: I was bored and wanted to leave halfway through, but we SAT THROUGH the film.

Sit up

Meaning: Suddenly take notice or pay attention

Example: They SAT UP when I told them I was closing the company.

Sit up

Meaning: Move from lying down to a sitting position

Example: She SAT UP in bed when the doctor wanted to take her temperature.

Sit with

Meaning: Reconcile different positions

Example: It's hard to see how their new plan SITS WITH the promises they made.