Phrasal Verb 'Sleep'

We have 8 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Sleep'.

Sleep around

Meaning: Be sexually promiscuous

Example: He's SLEPT AROUND a lot since his divorce.

Sleep in

Meaning: Sleep longer than usual

Example: Let’s SLEEP IN tomorrow morning- we won’t have another chance for weeks.

Sleep off

Meaning: Sleep in order to recover from excess alcohol, drugs, etc.

Example: She went to bed TO SLEEP OFF the effects of the tequila.

Sleep on

Meaning: Think about something

Example: My boss said she'd have to SLEEP ON it when I asked her for a raise.

Sleep out

Meaning: Sleep away from place of work or rented accommodation

Example: They don't clean the serviced apartment when I SLEEP OUT.

Sleep over

Meaning: Spend the night at someone else's house

Example: The au pair made tea for the friends who were SLEEPING OVER.

Sleep through

Meaning: Not wake up

Example: I SLEPT THROUGH the storm even though the wind blew some slates off the roof.

Sleep together

Meaning: Have sex

Example: If people SLEEP TOGETHER, they have sex.