Phrasal Verbs Using 'Stand'

Stand about

Spend time in a place waiting or doing nothing or very little

Example:We STOOD ABOUT drinking coffee before the lecture.

Stand around

Spend time in a place waiting or doing nothing or very little

Example:We STOOD AROUND for an hour waiting for them to turn up.

Stand aside

Leave a position so that someone else can take it

Example:The prime minister should STAND ASIDE and let a new leader head the party.

Stand back

Keep a distance from something

Example:We STOOD BACK while he lit the firework.

Stand back

Try to understand something by taking a different perspective

Example:We need to STAND BACK and look at the problem differently.

Stand by

Support someone

Example:He STOOD BY her throughout the trial as he believed her to be innocent.

Stand by

Be ready and waiting for something to happen

Example:The emergency services were STANDING BY waiting for the plane to land.

Stand down

Leave a job or position so that someone else can take it

Example:The minister announced her intention to STAND DOWN at the next election.

Stand down

Finish being asked questions in a court

Example:The judge told the witness to STAND DOWN after the questioning.

Stand for

Accept or tolerate behaviour

Example:I'm not going to STAND FOR their rudeness any longer.

Stand for

The words represented by certain initials

Example:'WHAT do the letters BBC STAND FOR? ' 'British Broadcasting Corporation.'

Stand in for

Substitute someone temporarily

Example:She had to STAND IN FOR the editor while he was on holiday.

Stand off

Move or remain at a distance

Example:The protesters STOOD OFF when the police arrived.

Stand off

Avoid or delay creditors

Example:They STOOD OFF the banks while trying to raise funds.

Stand off

Move or stay away from the shore

Example:The yacht STOOD OFF while customs boarded the boats near the docks.

Stand out

Be extraordinary and different

Example:She STOOD OUT from the crowd in selection and was offered the job.

Stand up

Move from a sitting or lying down to a vertical position

Example:Everybody STOOD UP when the judge entered the court.

Stand up

Fail to keep an appointment

Example:He agreed to meet me last night, but he STOOD me UP.

Stand up for

Defend, support

Example:He's the kind of manager who will always STAND UP FOR his staff.

Stand up to

Keep your principles when challenged by an authority

Example:She STOOD UP TO the police when they tried to corrupt her.

Stand up to

Resist damage

Example:This coat will STAND UP TO the roughest weather conditions.