Phrasal Verbs with 'Start'

Start off

Make something start

Example: They STARTED OFF the meeting with an attack on our performance.

Start off

Begin life, a career or existence

Example: She STARTED OFF as a receptionist and ended up as the CEO.

Start off

Begin a journey

Example: We STARTED OFF early because we knew the journey would take all day.

Start off

Make someone laugh

Example: I was trying to be serious, but their comment STARTED me OFF.

Start off on

Help someone to start a piece or work or activity

Example: I STARTED her OFF ON the project then left her to finish it.

Start on

Begin to use or consume

Example: It's time to START ON that bottle of wine.

Start on

Criticise angrily

Example: The manager was furious and STARTED ON her staff for not trying hard enough.

Start on at

Criticise or nag

Example: He STARTED ON AT me for being late.

Start out

Begin a journey

Example: We STARTED OUT early in the morning.

Start out as

Begin life, existence or a career

Example: What had STARTED OUT AS a protest quickly turned into a full-blown rebellion.

Start out to

Intend, plan

Example: I didn't START OUT TO become the boss- it just happened.

Start over

Begin something again

Example: It's a mess- I think we should just START OVER.

Start up

Open a business

Example: The firm STARTED UP on a shoestring budget.

Start up

Begin, especially sounds

Example: There was a pause, then the noise STARTED UP again.

Start up

When an engine starts working

Example: The car STARTED UP first time.

Start up

Make an engine work

Example: I STARTED the car UP.

Start up

Sit or stand upright because someone has surprised you

Example: He STARTED UP when I entered the room and tried to hide what he was doing.