Phrasal Verbs with 'Stick'

Stick around

Stay in a place for some time

Example:He's late, but I'll STICK AROUND for another few minutes before I leave.

Stick at

Continue doing something despite difficulties

Example:She found the course very tough but she STUCK AT it and did well in the end.

Stick by

Support someone when they are having difficulties

Example:No one STUCK BY him when the scandal became public.

Stick by

Support a plan, opinion or decision

Example:They are STICKING BY their claims.

Stick down

Write something quickly or without thinking about it

Example:I couldn't answer the test so I just STUCK anything DOWN that I could remember.

Stick down

Join surfaces with glue

Example:I STUCK the label DOWN.

Stick it to

Criticise someone

Example:She STUCK IT TO me for turning up half an hour late.

Stick it to

Treat someone badly or unfairly

Example:My boss always STICKS IT TO me when she's in a bad mood.

Stick out

Be easily noticed

Example:He's so much better than the others that he STICKS OUT.

Stick out

Extend part of your body

Example:He STUCK his tongue OUT at me.

Stick out

Continue doing something difficult or unpleasant

Example:I STUCK it OUT even though I hated every minute of it.

Stick out for

Demand a salary raise

Example:We're STICKING OUT FOR a 5% increase.

Stick to

Not change

Example:The Prime Minister decided to STICK TO the original plan despite the criticism in the media.

Stick to

Restrict or limit and not change

Example:I STUCK TO the path and didn't take the shortcut.

Stick together

Support each other

Example:If we don't STICK TOGETHER, things will be much worse for all of us- we need some unity.

Stick up

Stand on end

Example:The static electricity made my hair STICK UP.

Stick up

Rob using weapons

Example:They STUCK the bank UP and stole tens of thousands.

Stick up for

Support or defend

Example:You have to STICK UP FOR yourself here, because no one will back you.

Stick with

Not change something

Example:We'd better STICK WITH our original idea.

Stick with

Stay near someone

Example:He told the children to STICK WITH him in the station.

Stick with

Not be forgotten

Example:The details have STUCK WITH me ever since.

Stick with

Continue with something difficult or unpleasant

Example:I STUCK WITH the job though I found it very stressful.