Phrasal Verb 'Stop'

We have 11 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Stop'.

Stop around

Meaning: Visit someone for a short time.

Example: Why don't you STOP AROUND my place on your way back?

Stop back

Meaning: Return somewhere

Example: I'll STOP BACK this afternoon when you're free.

Stop behind

Meaning: Stay somewhere when other people leave

Example: I STOPPED BEHIND at the end of the lecture to ask a couple of questions.

Stop by

Meaning: Visit somewhere briefly or quickly

Example: I must STOP BY the supermarket and pick up some things for dinner.

Stop in

Meaning: Stay at home

Example: I was feeling tired so I STOPPED IN last night.

Stop in

Meaning: Visit briefly

Example: I STOPPED IN at my aunt's after work.

Stop off

Meaning: Break a journey

Example: We STOPPED OFF for lunch about halfway there, then carried on driving.

Stop out

Meaning: Be out late, especially when you are expected home

Example: Her parents were annoyed because she STOPPED OUT all night.

Stop over

Meaning: Stay somewhere when on a journey

Example: I STOPPED OVER in Bangkok for a couple of days on my way back from Tokyo.

Stop up

Meaning: Stay up late

Example: I STOPPED UP last night watching the film.

Stop up

Meaning: Fill or block something

Example: I STOPPED UP the bottle with a cork.