Phrasal Verb 'Straighten'

We have 6 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Straighten'.

Straighten out

Meaning: Make something straight

Example: I'm always having to STRAIGHTEN OUT the wires connected to my computer.

Straighten out

Meaning: Deal with a problem

Example: I had to STRAIGHTEN OUT things after the mess they had made.

Straighten out

Meaning: Make clear and resolve

Example: There are a few issues I'd like to STRAIGHTEN OUT first.

Straighten out

Meaning: Improve someone's behaviour

Example: Starting work has STRAIGHTENED him OUT and calmed him down.

Straighten up

Meaning: Stand straight

Example: She STRAIGHTENED UP when her boss walked in.

Straighten up

Meaning: Tidy

Example: I STRAIGHTENED UP the room before they arrived.