Phrasal Verb 'Strike'

We have 14 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Strike'.

Strike back

Meaning: Attack, take action against someone who has hurt you

Example: At first, he ignored them, but when things got very serious, he STRUCK BACK.

Strike down

Meaning: Kill

Example: A hitman STRUCK him DOWN as he entered the building. (This verb is often used in the passive- He was struck down as he entered the building.)

Strike down

Meaning: Make someone ill

Example: I was STRUCK DOWN with food poisoning. (This verb is mostly used in the passive.)

Strike down

Meaning: Disallow a law, decision, etc

Example: The Appeal Court STRUCK DOWN the lower court's ruling.

Strike off

Meaning: Remove someone's professional licence to practise

Example: The Medical Council STRUCK him OFF for malpractice.

Strike on

Meaning: Have a good idea

Example: I STRUCK ON the solution when I was out with my dog.

Strike out

Meaning: Start doing something new and different

Example: After doing the same job for five years, I decided to STRIKE OUT and change careers.

Strike out

Meaning: Try to hit someone

Example: When he pushed me, I STRUCK OUT.

Strike out

Meaning: Start going towards a place

Example: We got up early and STRUCK OUT for our final destination.

Strike out

Meaning: Cross writing out

Example: As they arrived, I STRUCK their names OUT on the list I had.

Strike out

Meaning: Fail

Example: I tried to get the government to support us but I STRUCK OUT.

Strike up

Meaning: Start (conversation, relationship)

Example: He STRUCK UP a conversation with me in the bar.

Strike up

Meaning: Start performing music

Example: The band STRUCK UP and everyone turned to listen.

Strike upon

Meaning: Have a good idea

Example: It took us a long time to STRIKE UPON a solution.