Phrasal Verb 'Talk'

We have 16 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Talk'.

Talk around

Meaning: Persuade

Example: He TALKED them AROUND to accepting his point of view.

Talk around

Meaning: Talk about a problem or issue without really dealing with it

Example: They TALKED AROUND the issue without reaching a conclusion.

Talk at

Meaning: Talk to someone and not give them a chance to reply or listen to them

Example: There's no point trying to convince them- they'll just TALK AT you until you give up.

Talk back

Meaning: Respond rudely to a person in authority

Example: The teacher was cross because the pupil TALKED BACK to her.

Talk down

Meaning: Try to make something sound less important

Example: The company CEO TALKED DOWN the recent fall in shares.

Talk down

Meaning: Persuade someone not to jump off a high place to kill themselves

Example: A man was threatening to jump off the building but the police TALKED him DOWN.

Talk down to

Meaning: Talk in a way to show your superiority not communicate

Example: She's a dreadful teacher and TALKS DOWN TO her students instead of teaching them.

Talk into

Meaning: Persuade someone to do something

Example: She didn't want to let me go, but I finally managed to TALK her INTO it.

Talk out

Meaning: Discuss a problem or issue to find a solution

Example: They had a meeting to TALK OUT how people felt.

Talk out of

Meaning: Persuade someone not to do something

Example: He was going to drive home after drinking half a bottle of wine, but his friends TALKED him OUT OF it.

Talk over

Meaning: Discuss

Example: We TALKED OVER the problems in our relationship, but couldn't sort things out.

Talk round

Meaning: Persuade

Example: She TALKED them AROUND to accepting her point of view.

Talk round

Meaning: Talk about a problem or issue without really dealing with it

Example: WE TALKED ROUND the issue but didn't reach a conclusion.

Talk through

Meaning: Guide someone through an issue

Example: The teacher TALKED me THROUGH the test so I knew what to expect.

Talk up

Meaning: Make something appear more important or significant than it really is

Example: The government are trying to TALK UP the effect of their policies.

Talk yourself out

Meaning: Talk until you have nothing left to say

Example: He TALKED himself OUT after a couple of hours and calmed down.