Phrasal Verb 'Tear'

We have 14 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Tear'.

Tear apart

Meaning: Disturb or upset greatly

Example: People were TORN APART when news of the train crash came through.

Tear at

Meaning: Pull or try to pull something to pieces

Example: The fighters TORE AT each other.

Tear away

Meaning: Stop someone doing something unwillingly

Example: I had to TEAR him AWAY from the office for dinner.

Tear away

Meaning: Remove a surface violently

Example: The roof was TORN AWAY in the hurricane.

Tear down

Meaning: Demolish

Example: The estate was TORN DOWN so that they could develop the land into luxury flats.

Tear into

Meaning: Criticise strongly or angrily

Example: She TORE INTO me for losing it.

Tear off

Meaning: Remove part of a form or letter using your hands, not scissors

Example: She TORE the slip OFF the bottom of the form and sent it with her cheque.

Tear off

Meaning: Leave at high speed

Example: The police TORE OFF in their car after arresting her.

Tear off

Meaning: Remove with force

Example: The storm TORE the roof OFF.

Tear off

Meaning: Remove completely

Example: She TORE OFF the ticket, leaving only the stub.

Tear out

Meaning: Depart rapidly

Example: The sheriff TORE OUT after the escaping criminals.

Tear up

Meaning: Rip into pieces

Example: He TORE the fax UP and threw the bits of paper in the bin.

Tear up

Meaning: Destroy

Example: They are TEARING UP the old part of town to build a new shopping centre.

Tear up

Meaning: Have eyes fill with tears

Example: After hearing the tragic news he TEARED UP and could hardly speak.