Phrasal Verb 'Tie'

We have 11 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Tie'.

Tie back

Meaning: Fasten or secure so that it doesn't obstruct

Example: She TIED her hair BACK before playing tennis.

Tie down

Meaning: Secure something to prevent it moving

Example: They TIED him DOWN to stop him escaping.

Tie down

Meaning: Remove or restrict freedom

Example: Marriage TIES you DOWN.

Tie down

Meaning: Stop people (often police or military) going where they are needed

Example: The army were TIED DOWN with the rebellion and couldn't help.

Tie in

Meaning: Agree, be connected or support

Example: The theory TIES IN with what the police have been saying.

Tie in

Meaning: Associate with

Example: He is TIED IN somehow with the crime syndicate.

Tie in with

Meaning: Occur at the same time

Example: The publication TIES IN WITH the twentieth anniversary of the incident.

Tie up

Meaning: Tie or fasten something securely

Example: They TIED UP the hostages so that they couldn't escape.

Tie up

Meaning: Stop someone doing something

Example: Work has TIED me UP all week.

Tie up

Meaning: Fasten

Example: I TIED UP my shoelaces.

Tie up

Meaning: Block a road, etc

Example: The convoy TIED UP the road for an hour.