Phrasal Verb 'Touch'

We have 7 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Touch'.

Touch down

Meaning: Land (planes)

Example: The plane TOUCHED DOWN at Narita airport an hour late.

Touch for

Meaning: Borrow money

Example: I TOUCHED him FOR some cash as I'd forgotten my cards.

Touch off

Meaning: Cause a problem to occur

Example: The government's decision TOUCHED OFF riots in the capital.

Touch on

Meaning: Mention

Example: The talk TOUCHED ON the issue, but didn't give any new information.

Touch up

Meaning: Improve the appearance of something

Example: I couldn't be bothered to redecorate, so I just TOUCHED UP the bits that needed painting the most.

Touch up

Meaning: Touch someone in a sexual way

Example: She got angry when he tried to TOUCH her UP in the elevator.

Touch upon

Meaning: Mention

Example: They didn't TOUCH UPON the subject because of the controversy.