Phrasal Verb 'Try'

We have 8 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Try'.

Try back

Meaning: Phone back

Example: I called but they weren't in, so I'll TRY BACK later.

Try for

Meaning: Make an attempt to get something

Example: I'm going to TRY FOR the job.

Try it on

Meaning: Provoke someone by being annoying or behaving badly

Example: The children were TRYING IT ON all night until I lost my temper.

Try it on

Meaning: Attempt to get something, usually by deceit, without great hopes of success

Example: He knew I wasn't got to let him do it- he was just TRYING IT ON.

Try on

Meaning: Put clothes on to see if they fit

Example: I TRIED the jacket ON before I bought it.

Try out

Meaning: Test

Example: Scientists are TRYING OUT a new drug in the fight against the disease.

Try out

Meaning: Test something to see if you like it or want to buy it

Example: I TRIED OUT the program before I bought it.

Try out for

Meaning: Be tested for a sports team

Example: He TRIED OUT FOR the baseball team.