Phrasal Verb 'Turn'

We have 24 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Turn'.

Turn against

Meaning: Stop liking and start disliking

Example: The public TURNED AGAINST the government when they became arrogant and ceased to listen.

Turn around

Meaning: Make something successful or profitable that has been doing badly

Example: They are hoping to TURN the company AROUND with the launch of the new products.

Turn around

Meaning: Produce or complete work

Example: We hope to be able to TURN the job AROUND and deliver the product in a few weeks.

Turn around

Meaning: React negatively

Example: You supported the idea, so don't TURN AROUND and condemn it now.

Turn away

Meaning: Not allow someone to enter a place

Example: The doorman TURNED him AWAY from the nightclub because he was wearing trainers.

Turn down

Meaning: Reduce volume, temperature, etc.

Example: The room was too hot, so she TURNED the heating DOWN.

Turn down

Meaning: Reject an offer, invitation, etc.

Example: They offered her the job, but she TURNED it DOWN.

Turn down

Meaning: Fold the top covers of a bed down to make it ready for someone to go to sleep

Example: The hotel staff TURNED DOWN the bed and scattered flower petals on it while we was having dinner.

Turn in

Meaning: Go to bed

Example: I TURNED IN at half past eleven because I had an early start the next morning.

Turn in

Meaning: Hand in, submit

Example: She TURNED IN her paper.

Turn into

Meaning: Become

Example: Tadpoles TURN INTO frogs.

Turn off

Meaning: Stop a machine

Example: I TURNED the TV OFF and went to bed.

Turn on

Meaning: Cause someone to feel attraction or pleasure

Example: He really TURNS me ON.

Turn on

Meaning: Start a machine

Example: I TURNED the radio ON to get the weather forecast.

Turn on

Meaning: Attack

Example: The neighbour's dog TURNED ON me when I tried to stroke it.

Turn out

Meaning: Produce

Example: The factory TURNS OUT three thousand units a day.

Turn out

Meaning: Produce an unexpected result

Example: It looked as if we were going to fail, but it TURNED OUT well in the end.

Turn out

Meaning: Stop a light

Example: She TURNED OUT the lights and went to bed.

Turn out

Meaning: Attend

Example: Thousand TURNED OUT for the demonstration.

Turn over

Meaning: Give to the authorities

Example: The court ordered the company to TURN OVER their financial records.

Turn to

Meaning: Try to get help

Example: She had nobody to TURN TO when her husband died.

Turn to

Meaning: Take up a habit

Example: He TURNED TO drink after he lost his job.

Turn up

Meaning: Appear

Example: She didn't TURN UP for class today.

Turn up

Meaning: Increase volume, temperature, etc.

Example: I TURNED the music UP full blast.