Phrasal Verbs with 'Wait'

Wait about

Wait somewhere doing nothing

Example: I WAITED ABOUT for an hour, but they didn't come.

Wait around

Wait somewhere doing nothing

Example: They were just WAITING AROUND to see if anything was going to happen.

Wait behind

Stay somewhere after other people have left

Example: I WAITED BEHIND to ask the lecturer a question.

Wait in

Stay at home because someone is going to visit

Example: I WAITED IN for the guy to fix the TV.

Wait on

Serve people in a restaurant

Example: They have two people WAITING ON each table.

Wait on

Sell goods in a shop

Example: He WAITS ON customers in an electronics store.

Wait on

Provide someone with everything they need or want

Example: He has a butler who WAITS ON him.

Wait on

Wait for a result before being able to make a decision

Example: They're WAITING ON the results of the vote before taking a final decision.

Wait out

Wait till something has finished, usually something unpleasant

Example: We'll have to WAIT OUT this uncertainty.

Wait up

Not go to bed because you are waiting

Example: I was worried and WAITED UP until they got home safe and sound.

Wait up!

Stop (imperative)

Example: Wait up! I need to talk to you.

Wait upon

Provide someone with what they require

Example: They used to have servants WAITING UPON them.

Wait upon

Wait for a result before being able to make a decision

Example: They must WAIT UPON the outcome of the match before they know who they'll be playing.