Phrasal Verb 'Walk'

We have 16 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Walk'.

Walk away from

Meaning: Leave something you don't like

Example: You can't just WALK AWAY FROM your problems.

Walk away with

Meaning: Win easily

Example: She WALKED AWAY WITH the first prize.

Walk back

Meaning: Retract a statement of change comments

Example: The president WALKED BACK her initial comments in the press conference.

Walk back from

Meaning: Retract a statement

Example: They declined to WALK BACK FROM their comments despite the controversy.

Walk in on

Meaning: Enter somewhere unexpectedly and see something

Example: He WALKED IN ON them planning to sack him.

Walk into

Meaning: Get work without effort

Example: He WALKED INTO a great job straight after university.

Walk into

Meaning: Be unaware of the presence of something and either enter it (a trap) or bump into it (an obstruction)

Example: You WALKED INTO that one [You became victim to a trap I set] or I WALKED INTO a door and broke my nose.

Walk off

Meaning: Go for a walk to reduce the effects of an illness or bad feeling

Example: I tried to WALK OFF my hangover.

Walk off with

Meaning: Win easily

Example: He WALKED OFF WITH the award.

Walk off with

Meaning: Take something without permission or steal

Example: Someone WALKED OFF WITH my umbrella so I got soaked.

Walk on

Meaning: Continue walking

Example: I saw the accident but just WALKED ON as I didn't want to have to give a statement.

Walk out

Meaning: Leave work because of a dispute with the management

Example: The workers WALKED OUT because the felt that safety wasn't being handled correctly.

Walk out

Meaning: Leave a place angrily or because you are not satisfied

Example: The film was a bore so I WALKED OUT halfway through.

Walk out on

Meaning: Leave somebody angrily

Example: He WALKED OUT ON his wife last year.

Walk through

Meaning: Explain or demonstrate something carefully to someone

Example: He WALKED me THROUGH the procedures.

Walk up

Meaning: Go to someone

Example: A man WALKED UP and asked me the time.