5 English Phrasal Verbs With 'WASH'

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We have definitions for 5 phrasal verbs with 'WASH'

5 phrasal verbs with 'WASH'

Wash away

  1. When floods or waves completely remove a structure, building, etc.
    (Separable [optional] | International English)
    » Example: The ice cream stall on the beach was WASHED AWAY in the storm last night.

Wash down

  1. Drink in order to swallow something solid
    (Separable [optional] | International English)
    » Example: I WASHED the antibiotics DOWN with a glass of water.

Wash out

  1. Rain so heavily that an event has to be cancelled
    (Separable [optional] | International English)
    » Example: The rain WASHED OUT the championship final.

Wash over

  1. Suddenly experience a strong emotion
    (Inseparable | International English)
    » Example: He felt numb as grief WASHED OVER him.

Wash up

  1. Clean everything used to prepare food and eat it
    (Separable [optional] | International English)
    » Example: The children WASHED UP after lunch.
  2. When something in the sea or river is left on the shore or bank
    (Separable [optional] | International English)
    » Example: After the crash, several bodies WASHED UP on the beach.
  3. Wash face and hands
    (Intransitive | American English)
    » Example: Be sure you and the kids WASH UP before dinner.

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