Phrasal Verbs with 'Weigh'

Weigh down on

Burden with responsibilities, duties, etc

Example: The requirements of her new job WEIGHED DOWN ON her.

Weigh in

Have a certain weight (in sports like boxing)

Example: The champion WEIGHED IN at 120 kilos.

Weigh in

Enter an argument forcefully

Example: He disliked the plan and WEIGHED IN with some heavy criticism.

Weigh in on

Enter an argument or discussion to express a strongly felt idea

Example: She WEIGHED IN ON their immigration policies.

Weigh on

Make someone consider carefully

Example: The issues raised WEIGHED ON her mind.

Weigh out

Measure a certain amount of something by weight

Example: Could you WEIGH OUT 200 grammes of that for me?

Weigh up


Example: They WEIGHED the pros and cons UP carefully before deciding.