Phrasal Verbs Using 'Work'

Work off

Exercise to remove stress or weight

Example:She goes to the gym to WORK OFF her anger.

Work on

Improve or develop

Example:Scientists are WORKING ON genetically modified crops and foods.

Work out

End nicely

Example:Things were going wrong for them but fortunately it all WORKED OUT in the end.

Work out

Find the answer or solution

Example:I couldn't WORK OUT all the answers to the crossword puzzle.

Work over

Assault, beat up

Example:They WORKED him OVER and robbed him.

Work over

Repeat, do again

Example:They WORKED it OVER until they had got it right.

Work over

Examine carefully

Example:They WORKED OVER the market looking for bargains.

Work through

Deal with, resolve a problem, often emotional

Example:It took him a long time to WORK THROUGH his anger after he lost his job.