Present Perfect Definition

1/ Use the present perfect (not the past simple or the present simple) to talk about an action that began in the past but is still relevant now.

  • I've worked here for four years.
  • I've missed my flight.
  • She's broken her leg and cannot go on holiday next week.

2/ Use the present perfect (not the past simple) for past actions when the time is not specified.

  • Have you ever been to Rome?
  • I've never been to Kyoto.
  • Have you seen this film?

3/ Use the present perfect (not the past simple) to talk about recent past events, often with just, already, and yet.

  • I've just seen Stefan.
  • We've already told him.
  • Haven't you finished your homework yet?

4/ Use for to say how long an action has been going on and since to say when the action started.

  • They've lived in P.N.G. for two years.
  • He's had a cold since Monday.

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