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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Cambridge Advanced (CAE) Use of English Practice- Answers 


The Home Secretary Resigns 


This exercise gives you practice in the cloze exercises where you have to modify words 

to complete the text.    Complete the gaps using the correct form of the word given in 





1)  Resignation 

2)  Speculation 

3)  Improper 



4)  Controversial 

5)  Outspoken 

6)  Accusation(s) 

7)  Application 

8)  Inquiry 


9)  Choice 

10) Knowledge 



11) Intolerant 

12) Repressive 

13) Terrorists/ 


14) Pretext 

15) Freedom(s) 

The (1)_______ of the Home Secretary was announced today after 

days of (2) _______.  The minister denied that he had done 

anything (3) _______, though the evidence against him published in 

the newspapers suggested that this was not the case. 


Always a (4) _______ figure, he lost the support of many of his 

colleagues because of his (5) _______ criticisms of them which 

were published in a recent biography.    When the first (6) _______ 

that he had abused his position to help the visa (7) _______ of his 

lover’s nanny, an (8) _______ was set up.    When an email came to 

light that said that no favours were given, but the process had been 

speeded up, the minister felt that he had no (9) _______ but to 

resign, though he claimed that he had no (10) _______ of the email 

until the day before he quit. 


His opponents considered him an (11) _______ politician who 

passed a number of (12) _______ laws, exaggerating the threat 

posed by international (13) _______ as a (14) _______ for passing 

measures to restrict our (15) _______. 






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