Academic Bios- Tips and Connecting Expressions Practice

Level: Advanced

Topic: Profession, work or study

Grammar Topic: Functions & Text

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Lesson Plan Text

Academic Bios- Tips and Connecting Expressions Practice
Ask your partner for their advice on writing your academic bio such as a personal profile to
accompany a paper you are publishing in a peer-reviewed journal.

Possible questions
How can I…?
In your experience…?
Is it better to… or…?
Is it normal to…?
Would you recommend…?
Possible answers
… might be worth a try.
Have you thought about…?
Have you tried…?
I don’t have any personal experience of this, but…
I have found that… generally works/ is generally the case.
I’d (generally) recommend…
If I were you…
My recommendation is…

Possible topics
 Academic journals
 Academic books (e.g. collections of papers)
 Your blog (on the “About” page)
 Facebook
 LinkedIn
 On your university’s website (staff profiles)
 With a conference talk

Other topics
 Aims/ Ambitions/ Plans
 Being unprofessional
 Career changes/ Changes in academic interests
 Cultural differences
 First person/ Third person
 Language abilities
 Making new contacts
 Making your profile interesting/ Making your profile stand out
 Achievements 
 Modesty
 People googling your name
 Stages of planning, writing and checking (research before writing etc)
 What readers want to know
 Word limit

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