Adverbs of Frequency- Describe the Jobs Game


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Published: 4th Oct 2014

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Adverbs of Frequency- Describe the Jobs Game

Choose one of the jobs below and say things that they always/ almost always/ usually/ 
often/ sometimes/ rarely/ very rarely/ almost never/ never 
do until your partner 
guesses which job you are talking about. 

Things you could talk about
Do…                                     Give… 
Have meetings                            Look after…
Make…                                   Meet…
Speak…                                  Spend (a lot of) time…
Travel…                                  Use… 
Wear…                                   Work in…
Work with…                               Write…

Architect/ Builder/ Carpenter

Au pair/ Babysitter/ Nanny

Baker/ Pastry chef

Bank clerk/ Banker

Barber/ Beautician/ Hairdresser

Bodyguard/ (Security) guard

Businessman/ Entrepreneur/ Office worker/ Clerk

Cabin crew/ Pilot

Cameraman/ Photographer

Care worker/ Nurse

Cashier/ Shop assistant/ Shop keeper

Chauffeur/ Taxi driver

Chef/ Cook

Cleaner/ Maid

Cram school teacher/ (State school) teacher/ Lecturer/ Professor/ Tutor

Cycle courier/ Motorcycle courier/ Postal worker (= Postman/ Mailman)

Director/ Middle manager

Doctor/ GP/ Surgeon/ Vet (= Veterinarian)

Engineer/ Service engineer/ Mechanic

PI (= Private investigator/ Private detective)/ (Plainclothes) detective/ Police officer

Secretary/ PA/ Receptionist

Television celebrity/ Television presenter

Ask about any jobs above which you are not sure the meaning of. 

Choose two jobs from one of the lines above and challenge your partner to describe the 
differences between them using adverbs of frequency, e.g. “
An engineer sometimes 
designs new things but a service engineer never does”.  

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