Affixes- Meanings


Meanings of prefixes and suffixes presentation

By: Alex Case
Level: Advanced
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Prefixes & Suffixes
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Lesson Plan Content:

Meanings of affixes

Try to guess the meanings of the following affixes.

mono-                                                           uni-                                                pan-

bi-                                                                  di-                                                   duo-

tri-                                                                  quad-

multi-                                                            poly-

semi-                                                            demi-                              

quasi-                                                           pseudo-

mini-                                                             micro-                                             mega-

non-                                                              im-                                                   ir-

il-                                                                   mis-                                                 mal-

over-                                                             sub-                                                under-

post-                                                             pre-                                                 ante-

ex-                                                                 neo-                                               re-

tele-                                                              inter-                                               intra-


co-                                                                 con-                                                com-

anti-                                                              pro-



- able                                             -ible

-er                                                                 -or                                                   -ist


-ess                                                               -ette


-graph                                                           -phone


Hint: Affixes near each other often have similar or opposite meanings.


Find examples of any that you couldn’t think of in the dictionary and work out the meaning from the examples.


Think of or find at least two (more) examples for each.


Suggested answers


mono-/ uni- = one                                                   

pan- = all/ universal

bi-/ di-/ duo- = two

tri- = three                                                   

quad- = four

multi-/ poly- = many/ many kinds

semi-/ demi- = half

quasi- = half/ kind of/ fake/ not fully

pseudo- = kind of/ fake/ not real

mini-/   micro- = very small

mega- = very big

non-/ im-/ ir-/ il- = not

mis-/ mal- = badly

over- = too much

sub-/    under- = under/ too little

post- = after

pre-/ ante- = before

ex- = outside/ previous

neo- = new

re- = again

tele- = distant

inter- = between

intra- = inside

extra- = added

co-/ con-/com- = together

anti- = against                                            

pro- = for/ in favour of

auto- = itself/ yourself

vice- = deputy

- able/ -ible = can/ be able to

-er/ -or/ -ist = person/ professional

-proof = protected from/ not affected by

-ess = female

-ette = small/ female

-ology = science of/ study of

-graph   = writing/ drawing

-phone = sound



Most of the words are easy to find examples of, with the exception of these three:

di- diameter/ diode/ carbon dioxide/ diphthong

demi- demiquaver/ demi-god/ demitasse/ demimonde/ demijohn

-ette – pipette/ cigarette/ diskette/ drum majorette


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