Agreeing and Disagreeing- Language Review

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Lesson Plan Text

Agreeing or disagreeing language

Listen to your teacher reading out sentences from below and, without looking at the worksheet, hold  
up an “Agreeing” or “Disagreeing” card depending on the meaning of the sentence.

Each section below is either language of agreeing, disagreeing or not giving any opinion. Read the  
sentences and decide which one each section is:

Are you having me on?
Over my dead body!
There is no way on earth…
That sounds like sheer lunacy
Are you out of your mind?
You’re having a laugh
Out of the question
Yer, right
You’ve got to be kidding
Are you pulling my leg?
That’s complete nonsense
I’ve never heard such utter rubbish
You must be joking
That is so not true
Absolutely not

Okay, you’ve twisted my arm
You’re a tough negotiator…
If that’s the case, I guess…
If you put it that way, I suppose…
I’ll have to take your word on that.
I agree to some extent
I suppose so
I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt
Against my better judgment, I’m going to trust you on this
Alright, I’ll go along with that
I might be coming round to your point of view
I still have my doubts, but okay
With reservations, I’m going to accept that

I second that
Okay, you’ve convinced me
I think so too

Written by Alex Case for © 2010

That’s true I’d go along with that up to a point, but…
I’m going to need some persuading
I’m not following your logic there.
I agree up to a point, but…
You could say that, but…
Have you also thought about…?
I think you might be forgetting…
I can see how you might think that, but…
Do you really think that’s such a good idea?
I wouldn’t quite put it that way myself
We don’t seem to be in complete agreement here

You have my full support
I’ll back you up on that one
That’s just what I was going to say
You took the words right out of my mouth
I couldn’t agree with you more
That’s just the point I was trying to make
That’s just what I think
I am in complete agreement
I wholeheartedly agree

Under no circumstances (will I)…
That is simply not true
I can’t see any possible reason why…
I find that very difficult to accept/ believe
I totally disagree
There is no way I can accept that
That is totally out of the question

I’ll leave this in the hands of the experts
I’m going to sit on the fence on this one
I really couldn’t say one way or the other
I’m willing to leave the decision entirely up to you
As I don’t really have all the information, I’ll leave this one up to you
I have no view on this at all

That doesn’t tally with the information I have
I can’t go along with that
I thought we’d already decided…
But (last week) didn’t you say…?
I wouldn’t say that myself
That’s not right

Written by Alex Case for © 2010

In the agreeing and disagreeing categories, grade the sections above by how strong they are: very 
strong agreement, strong agreement, agreement, tentative agreement, weak or polite disagreement, 
disagreement, strong disagreement, very strong or rude disagreement

Which would you personally use in business meetings? Which would you use at other times in your  
life, e.g. with foreign friends?

Using the Agreeing/ Disagreeing cards again, test each other in pairs

Choose one of the categories above, e.g. “strong agreement”. Try to give an opinion that gets that  
reaction from your partner. Do they give the reaction that you expect? 

Written by Alex Case for © 2010

Teachers’ Instructions

Photocopy the sheet: 1 copy per 5 students, so that they have one Agreeing and one Disagreeing  
card each. Cut along the lines to make separate cards.

Agreeing Disagreeing

Agreeing Disagreeing

Agreeing Disagreeing

Agreeing Disagreeing

Agreeing Disagreeing


Written by Alex Case for © 2010