Architecture- Vocabulary


Useful words and phrases for describing the processes and products of architecture

Architecture vocabulary

Brainstorm at least two pieces of vocabulary into each of the categories below:

People associated with buildings





Materials associated with buildings





Equipment that architects use





Parts of a room





Parts of a house or flat





Parts of a building





Types of house





Types of other buildings





Things architects do and produce


Match the groups of words below to the categories above.

Floor                                                                                         Ceiling

Socket                                                                        Air conditioning

Double glazing                                                         Handle


Fitted kitchen                                                            Open-plan dining room/ kitchen

Balcony                                                                                    Playground

(Roof top) terrace                                                                   Veranda


Ground floor/ First floor                                           Fire escape

Lift/ Elevator                                                                            Bicycle racks

Basement/ Cellar                                                                   Roof

Foundation                                                                              Mezzanine

Penthouse                                                                               Sewage

Communal area                                                                      Lobby

Gate                                                                                          Partition wall

Window cleaning cradle                                                        Skylight


Detached house                                                                     Semi-detached house

Terraced house                                                        Bungalow

Cottage                                                                      Mansion


Block of flats/ Apartment building                                        Old people’s home/ Nursing home

Care home                                                                              Community centre

Multi storey car park                                                Skyscraper

Luxury flats/ Condo                                                               Shopping centre/ Mall

Studio flats                                                                              Health centre/ clinic

Hospital                                                                                   Department store

Public building               


Brick                                                                                         Reinforced concrete

Tile                                                                                            Stone

Wood                                                                                        Nails

Glue                                                                                          Paint

Plaster                                                                        Wallpaper

Plywood                                                                                   Insulation



CAD programmes                                                                  Pen tablet

Set square                                                                               Ruler

Protractor                                                                                 Rubber/ Eraser

Foam/ Styrofoam                                                                    Automatic pencil/ Mechanical pencil

Compass                                                                                 GPS

Surveying equipment                                



Plan                                                                                          Drawing

Sketch                                                                        3D model

Doodle                                                                       Blueprint


Concierge                                                                                Security guard

Builder                                                                       Bricklayer

Surveyor                                                                                  Site manager

Landscape architect                                                Plumber

Electrician                                                                               Civil engineer

Interior designer                                                                     Decorator

Carpenter                                                                                Electrician

Safety inspector                                                                     Roofer

Plasterer                                                                                  Architectural engineer

Choose one of the words above that you know and explain which one you are thinking of without using any part of its name until your partner works out which one you are talking about.

 Useful language for describing things

You can find it…

It’s used for…

It’s (usually/ always) made of…

What are the differences between the words above divided by dashes (/)?

Which categories above are and aren’t useful for you to talk about your work?

In the categories which are useful, which words are and aren’t useful?

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