Bird Flu


By: Richard Flynn
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Bird Flu

In most lines, there is a word which should not be there. In the spaces on the right,

write the incorrect word or put a tick to show that the line is correct.

1. There has been an outbreak of avian influenza, better known as bird flu in the

2. Asia recently. The first victims have died two weeks ago in Vietnam and

3. there have been the cases reported since in Thailand, and there are some suspected

4. cases in Cambodia as well as.

5. Wild birds are affected by a large number of flu viruses, just as the humans and

6. other animals are, but they are normally exclusive to birds. If the viruses manage

7. to mutate, they can to jump the species barrier and infect human beings. The first

8. case in where someone died was in Hong Kong in 1997.

9. There are the several different forms of bird flu, ranging from mild to very serious

10. infections, which spreading rapidly and kill many of the birds they infect. It is

11. spread by wild birds – ducks, in particular – which carry the virus, but aren't

12. killed by it. They can spread the virus to farm birds through the direct contact or

13. by the contaminating water supplies.

14. World Health Organisation officials have attributed the spread of bird flu to humans

1. ____

2. ____

3. ____

4. ____

5. ____

6. ____

7. ____

8. ____

9. ____

10. ____

11. ____

12. ____

13. ____

14. ____

15. ____

16. ____

17. ____

15. to contact with the droppings of infected birds and poor sanitation. There was no

16. evidence at first that the virus spread from person to person, though there has been

17. a case of this happening, which being investigated by scientists.

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