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Published: 1st Jan 2012

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Vocabulary for BULATS Speaking Part One

Without  looking  at  the  phrases  below,  listen  to  your  teacher  and  guess  which  typical 
BULATS Speaking Part One topic he or she is talking about. 

Sports and exercise

Hometown and accommodation

Free time (evenings and days off/ hobbies and interests)

Work or studies

Future plans

Holidays and travel

Match those topics to the vocabulary below. 

Self-employed/  Middle  manager/  Department/  Section/  Division/  Branch/  Subsidiary/ 
Parent company/ HQ/ Overtime/ Freelance/ Set up my own company/ Go it alone/ Role/ 
Responsibilities/ Clerk/ Staff/ Office worker/ Employee

Village/  City  centre/  Suburbs/  Commuter  town/  Apartment  block/  Company 
accommodation/  Move/  Rent/  Shared  house/  Housemate/  Brought  up/  Grow  up/ 
Birthplace/ Satellite town/ Rural/ Green spaces/ Downtown/ Studio (flat)/ Dorm

Ultimately/ Eventually/ Retire/ Retirement/ In ten years/ In twelve years’ time/ In the next 
few  years/  Soon/  Long  term/  Short  term/  Plan/  Predict/  Prediction/  Intend/  Would  like/ 
Distant future/ Near future/ Later

Daytrip/ City break/ Winter sun/ Vacation/ Bank holiday/ Annual leave/ Long weekend/ 
Abroad/ Overseas/ Take a trip/ 

Fit/ Fitness/ Work out/ Keep fit/ Gym/ Spectator/ Stadium/ 

Leisure/  Stay  in/  Go  out/  Eat  in/  Eat  out/  Day  off/  Interests/  Have  a  lie  in/  To  be  into…/ 
Keen on/ Catch up on my sleep/ Stay in/ Window shopping/ Meet up/ Hang out with/ Fan/ 
Fanatic/ Do the housework/ Go shopping/ Do the shopping/ 
Clean my room/ Tidy my room/ Relax

Test each other in pairs.

Written by Alex Case for UsingEnglish.com © 2012

Typical BULATS Speaking Part One confusions
What are the differences (of meaning and/ or grammar) between the following phrases?
Work vocabulary
Part time job/ Temporary job
Full time job/ Permanent job
Casual worker/ Freelancer
Salaryman/ Office worker
Office worker/ Businessman
Manager/ Executive (= Director)
Boss/ Line manager
Job/ Work
Staff/ Employee
Overtime/ Overwork
Have my own business/ Work on my own
New recruit/ Freshman (= Fresher)

Accommodation vocabulary
An apartment/ A mansion
An apartment/ A condo(minium)
A flat (= An apartment)/ A block of flats (= An apartment block/ An apartment building)

Sports and exercise vocabulary
Go/ Play/ Do

Future plans vocabulary
In three days/ Three days after (= Three days later)

Holiday and travel vocabulary
A trip/ To trip

Free time vocabulary
Play with my friends/ Hang out with my friends/ Meet up with my friends/ Go out with my 
A female friend/ A girlfriend
Look at/ Watch
Appointment/ Date/ Arrangement/ Meeting
Holiday/ Day off
Window shopping/ Do the shopping/ Go shopping
Do the washing (= Do the laundry)/ Do the washing up (= Do the dishes)
Flatmates/ Roommates/ House mates
Wake up/ Get up
Hobby/ Interest
Have a lie in/ Oversleep
Drama/ Soap opera

Written by Alex Case for UsingEnglish.com © 2012

What are the missing prepositions below? 

I just hung around _____ home

A weekend _______

Have a lie _____/ Interested ______/ What do you like doing _____ your free time?/ 
Do you prefer to go out or stay at home _____ the evening?/ Stay ______/ I’m really 
_____to F1

How do you usually spend your days _________?

_________ Sundays/ Keen ________/ Go ________ a trip

Do you often eat ______?/ Go ________ for a drink/ Get _______ of town for the 

Are there any new leisure activities you would like to take _____?/ Catch _______ on 
my sleep

What did you do _____________ last weekend?/ Do you have any plans for 
_______________ next weekend?

Spend time __________ my friend

Hint:  They  are  arranged  into  groups  with  the  same  preposition  missing  from  all  the 
examples in each section, in alphabetical order by preposition.

Written by Alex Case for UsingEnglish.com © 2012

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