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BULATS Writing exam practice on branding

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BULATS Writing on the topic of brands


BULATS Writing Part 1 

You have received the following email from your boss:

I’ve just got out of the meeting about cutting costs and one of the major things we decided was to insist on stocking the office with cheaper own-brand goods, for example in the kitchen area and with stationery. I have to go straight to the trade fair, so can you write a memo to everyone in the department telling them about the new policy, along with the reasons why and some examples?



Write a memo to the people in your department, including:

  • What the new policy is
  • Some examples of things which will have to be own brand from now on
  • The reasons for the policy

and any other relevant information that you want to include.

You should write between 50 and 60 words.


BULATS Writing Part Two

You work for a multinational company that has one product which is successful internationally but not in your country. Write a report for the marketing management team.

Things to include in your answer:

  • Reasons the brand is successful internationally
  • Reasons why it isn’t so successful in your country
  • Possible changes in the product or how it is marketed

Write between 180 and 200 words.


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