BULATS Writing- Needs Analysis and Getting to Know You


First lesson on BULATS Writing

An Introduction to BULATS Writing getting to know you/ needs analysis

Ask each other about the topics below. There’s no need to write anything down, but try to remember your partner’s answers, because you will need that information for the next stage:

  • Use of English at work
  • Experience of English language exams
  • Previous English studies

Write a very quick answer to the question below by selecting the most important information from what your partner told you.


You have received the following email:

Thank you for registering a member of your International Office on our BULATS course. To help the teacher plan the lessons, could you briefly provide some brief relevant information on that person?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards

Alex Case, Head of Special Courses

Write a short reply, including that person’s:

  • Use of English at work
  • Experience of English language exams
  • Previous English studies



Show your email to the person you wrote about. Is what you wrote accurate? Do they think that you included the most important information?

Compare emails with another person. What is similar and different, in terms of format, language, content and organization?

You have just completed a fairly typical BULATS Writing Part One task. What do you notice about the format of the task? What else do you know about or can you guess about BULATS Writing Part One?

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