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BULATS Speaking on the topic of business writing

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BULATS Speaking Part Two tasks on the topic of business writing

You are going to give a short presentation. You have a choice of three topics.  Choose one that you feel you can talk about. You have one minute to prepare your talk. Then you will have one minute to speak about it. You can make notes if you wish.


A: Talk about an email that you recently sent or received. You should say:

  • Its subject
  • Its level of formality
  • It length

And say whether you think it was a well written email or not, and why



B: Give a short presentation about a report that you have read. Things to include in your presentation:

  • How long it took you to read it
  • Why you read it
  • What you learnt from it

And say whether you think reading that report was the best way to learn about that information or not, and why



C: Speak for one minute about a memo that was sent out in your company, including:

  • Who it was addressed to
  • What it said
  • The level of formality

And give your opinion about whether you think people paid attention to what it said or not, and why


How similar or different are the pieces of writing you spoke about and what you have to write in the exam? 

Look at the examples of BULATS writing tasks and/ or model answers to check your answers to the previous question.

What are the best ways of improving BULATS writing for people whose real business writing is and isn’t similar to the exam?

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