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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Business English Advice Guessing game (Language of Advice/ Business Vocabulary- Do 
and Make Collocations etc/ Learner training) 
Worksheet One 

Read the dialogue below and fill the gap with one of the business situations underneath. 

Student A “I think you should move to a smaller office” 
Student B “You think I should move to a smaller office because I am going to renovate 
the office” 
A “No, that’s not the one I am talking about.” 
B “Okay, give me one more clue.” 
A “If I were you, I would move to a smaller office and make people work lots of overtime” 
B “I think I’ve got it. If you were me you would move to a smaller office and make people 
work lots of overtime because I want to make a fortune in a short time” 
A “No. Here’s one more hint. I think you ought to move to a smaller office, make people 
work lots of overtime and cut the pay” 
B “This time I’m sure I understand which one. You think I ought to move to a smaller 
office, make people work lots of overtime and cut the pay because 
A “That’s right!” 
B “I think cutting their pay could work. I would resign if my boss did that to me! I’m not 
sure about moving to a smaller office though” 
You want to stop making mistakes when you email in English 
You want to make a good impression when you meet your CEO for the first time 
You want to make fewer phone calls in your job. 
You are going to make a speech at the shareholder’s meeting. 
You need to downsize 
You are going to give a presentation 
You are going to give a presentation in English 
You want to improve your Business English vocabulary 
You are going to renovate the office 
You want to cut down on the amount of overtime the staff do 
You want to make a fortune in a short time 
You want to decrease staff turnover 
You want to improve teamwork 
You want to improve the health of your employees 
You want to cut down on the amount of time you spend in meetings every week 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


You are going to have a job interview in English 
You want a promotion 
You want your employees to stop stealing office supplies 
You want to get the sack 
You want to earn lots more money 
You want to take time off in the first week of August but your boss has already booked 
that week 
You are going to have your first business video conference call 
You want to cut down on absenteeism 
You are going to chair a meeting for the first time 
You want to get on better with your colleagues 
You want to cut down on your personal debt 
You want to buy a new fleet of company cars 
You want to set up a joint venture with a Chinese company 
You want to improve staff morale 
You want to become managing director in the next ten years 
You want to increase your company’s market share. 
You want to bankrupt your company 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Business English Advice Guessing game (Language of Advice/ Business Vocabulary- Do 
and Make Collocations etc/ Learner training) 
Worksheet Two 
Language Presentation One- Language of Giving and Receiving Advice 

In the dialogue, find three phrases for giving advice that mean the same as

 “I think the 

best thing to do is…” 

In the dialogue, find one phrase that means the same as

 “(That) might be a good idea, 


In the dialogue, find one phrase that means the same as

 “I don’t think (that) will work” 

Speaking Practice One 

In pairs or threes, choose one of the situations above and give one sentence of advice for 
that situation. Your partner(s) should try to guess which of the situations you are 
talking about. If they are wrong, give one more hint. After they have guessed correctly, 
discuss if you gave good advice or not. 

Language Presentation Two- Do and make collocations 

Without looking at Worksheet One, fill the following gaps with the verb “do” or “make” 

_______________ people work lots of overtime 
________________ a fortune 
______________________ overtime 
_________________ mistakes 
____________________ a speech 
________________________ a phone call 
_______________________ a good impression 

Check your answers on Worksheet One 

Speaking Practice Two 

Think of any other thing you want to do or are going to do and write it down. Like in 
Speaking Practice One above, give your partner good advice for someone in that 
situation and see if they can guess your original sentence. 


As a class, discuss good advice for improving your level of English and coping with lack 
of English knowledge at work. 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 

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