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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Business English Alibi Game (Past Perfect/ Past Continuous)


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Page 1- Rules of the game   
Rules of the game: 
Yesterday at 2:35 pm a laptop with very important data on it was stolen from a 
manager’s desk. The police are questioning all the people who work in that office to try 
to find who is guilty of this crime.   
Your teacher will give you a list of things you did that day. Using your imagination, first 
of all decide which thing you were doing at 2:35 pm and put that in the middle of the 
table next to the “2:35 pm” card. Then arrange the other things in the order you imagine 
you did them (you can put two pieces of paper side by side if you were doing them at the 
same time, or put a slip of paper vertically if it took a long time and you did many other 
things before you finished it). Use at least half of the cards. Any you don’t use can be left 
face down on the table.   
Try to remember everything you did and in which order, because the police will question 
you on every detail.   
Leaving your slips of paper on the table, swap chairs with your partner so you can see 
each other’s. With a textbook or similar, block your partner’s view of their slips of paper 
and question them on everything they did, e.g. 
-  “What were you doing while you were drinking coffee?” 
-  “When the meeting started, had you already finished emailing?” 
After you have finished questioning each other, tell the whole class any differences 
between the slips of paper and your partner’s story, e.g. “Jose said he had drunk his 
coffee before the meeting, but actually he was drinking his coffee during the meeting”. 
The person in the whole class with the most differences is guilty. 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Business English Alibi Game (Past Perfect/ Past Continuous) 
Pages 2 & 3 - “My work day” Playing cards 

2:35 pm yesterday 

Board meeting starts 

Board meeting ends 

You arrive at the board meeting 

Emailing foreign subsidiary 


Telephoning suppliers 

Writing memo(s) 

Proofreading a report 

Interviewing job applicant(s) 

Give PowerPoint presentation 

Give clients a tour of the company 

Arrive at work 

Your boss arrives at work 

Drinking coffee 

Signing for deliveries 

Lunch break 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Leave work 

Listen to your mobile messages 

A cigarette break 



Tidy up 

Get a text (mobile vibrating in your pocket) 

Read your text(s) 

Dismiss someone 

9 o’clock in the morning yesterday 

5 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday 

Chatting with colleagues 

Someone leaves a note on your computer screen 


Written by Alex Case for © 2007 

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