Business English- Christmas Cards Do's & Don't's


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Published: 7th Dec 2007

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Business Christmas Cards Do's and Don'ts- Imperatives and Conjunctions Practice (Giving 

instructions/ giving reasons) 

Worksheet 1- Imperatives Practice 

Write the correct positive or negative imperatives in the sentences below depending on whether you think 

they are things you should or shouldn't do. 

_______________________ (send) a business Xmas card to a client's home address, 

____________________ (send) it to their office 


_________________ (handwrite) something in your business Christmas cards 


___________________ (make) homemade business Xmas cards   


_______________________ (send) separate Xmas cards to each person you deal with in a client 

company or a supplier, including secretaries and assistants 


________________________ (buy) Christmas cards in January 


________________________ (write) the same message in every card you send 


______________________ (include) the names of a business associate’s family in a business Xmas card 


________________________ (write, print or stamp) your company name in the Christmas card 


__________________________ (send) two separate Xmas cards if your friend or family member is also 

your business associate 


_______________________ (send) Christmas cards with general, non-religious messages and pictures 

like “Happy Holidays” or “Season's Greetings” to your overseas clients 


______________________ (buy) Xmas cards from a charity 


_________________________ (send) Xmas cards made of recycled paper and clearly marked as such 


Match the sentences to the sentences on the next page giving reasons for the things above, then use the 

reasons to check your original answers above. 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Business Christmas Cards Do's and Don'ts- Imperatives and Conjunctions Practice (Giving 

instructions/ giving reasons) 

Worksheet 2- Language for giving reasons 

The main reason for this is to show that they are important enough for you to spend time on. 


to show that your company is caring and matches the ideals of Xmas. 


One reason for this is to help them keep all their business Xmas cards together in case they need to send 



This is because it looks cheap. 


as any business cards you include might become separated from the Xmas card, making it difficult for 

them to remember who it is from. 


as it makes your company look ecologically friendly. 


in order to avoid offending people who are not Christian. 


so that you don't have to worry too much about sending them a similar card or message as you send to 

people you know less well. 


in order to get them on your side next time their boss has to make a decision involving your company. 


so that you can get them half price. 


in case two people compare cards and see you have not put any thought into what you have written. 


to show a personal touch. 

Check your answers with the answer key and add the correct punctuation you see there to the sentences 



Underline all the general expressions for joining ideas together and giving reasons above. 


Tell your partner some things you do and don't do at Xmas (either at work or at home) and see if they can 

make a correct sentence with the reason why you do it or don't do it. 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Business Christmas Cards Do's and Don'ts- Imperatives and Conjunctions Practice (Giving 

instructions/ giving reasons) 

Worksheet 4- Linking phrases practice 


Without looking back at the previous worksheets, add one word to each of the sentences below 


Don't send a business Xmas card to a client's home address, send it to their office. One 

___________________ for this is to help them keep all their business Xmas cards together in case they 

need to send replies. 


Handwrite something in your business Christmas cards. The ______________ reason for this is to show 

that they are important enough for you to spend time on. 


Don’t make homemade business Xmas cards. This is _______________ it looks cheap. 


Send separate Xmas cards to each person you deal with in a client company or a supplier, including 

secretaries and assistants _____________ order to get them on your side next time their boss has to make 

a decision involving your company. 


Buy Christmas cards in January so ____________ you can get them half price. 


Don't write the same message in every card you send, ______________ case two people compare cards 

and see you have not put any thought into what you have written. 


Include the names of a business associate’s family in a business Xmas card ___________ show a personal 



Write, print or stamp your company name in the Christmas card, ______________ any business cards you 

include might become separated from the Xmas card, making it difficult for them to remember who it is 



Send two separate Xmas cards if your friend or family member is also your business associate 

___________ that you don't have to worry too much about sending them a similar card or message as you 

send to people you know less well.   


Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Send Christmas cards with general, non-religious messages and pictures like “Happy Holidays” or 

“Season's Greetings” to your overseas clients in __________ to avoid offending people who are not 



Buy Xmas cards from a charity ________ show that your company is caring and matches the ideals of 



Send Xmas cards made of recycled paper and clearly marked as such, _______ it makes your company 

look ecologically friendly. 


Check your answers with the answer key. 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Business Christmas Cards Do's and Don'ts- Imperatives and Conjunctions Practice (Giving 

instructions/ giving reasons) 

Worksheet 5- Instructions language practice 


Choose one of the situations below and give your partner instructions on what to do and not to do, along 

with reasons why. Can they guess which situation you are talking about? 


Going to a dinner party at someone’s house 


Going to someone’s wedding 


Dismissing someone or making them redundant 


Telling a subordinate that they have done something wrong 


Asking your boss for a pay rise 


Quitting your job 


Socializing with your colleagues 


Chairing a meeting 


Meeting someone for the first time 

10.  Applying for a job 

11.  Sending a first email to someone you haven’t contacted before 

12.  Having a job interview 

13.  Running for president or prime minister of your country 

14.  Being a CEO of a big company 

15.  Fixing a jammed photocopier 

16.  Fixing a jammed printer 

17.  Writing a report 

18.  Writing a note 

19.  Taking a message 

20.  Setting up a new answer machine. 

21.  Writing a memo 

22.  Getting rid of computer viruses 

23.  Choosing a new computer 

24.  Getting on with your colleagues 


Do you agree with all the instructions your partner(s) gave? Why/ why not? 


Do you think any of the situations above change depending on the culture? 


Continue the game above with other situations you can think of. Can your partner guess the situation? 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 

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