Business English- Email Functions Review


Language and paragraphing for emailing

Different kinds of emails functions and paragraphing review

With your partner, brainstorm a typical email with each of these functions:

Trying to make an arrangement












Asking for information












Making a request




















Making an offer











A job application











Are there any other kinds of emails that you need to send? Look at the examples below and compare them with your own.

Dear Sir or Madam, I was thinking of booking a place on your training course next month but am writing to ask for some more information before I do so. First of all, I’d like some more information about the trainers. Could you tell me what their background and training experience is? I’d also like to know something about the venue. For example, will there be anywhere I can buy lunch, or will I need to bring a packed lunch with me? Also, is there a website where I can find out more about the local area? Finally, can I double check the methods of payment? The application form says that I can pay by UK cheque, but I’d like to make sure if that is also possible here in Japan. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours, Alex Case English Teacher Bahamas Council


Hi John I hope you had a good weekend sorry to write to you so early on Monday morning but I could really do with some help with the board meeting the week after next the first thing that needs doing is the agenda if I made an outline plan could you possibly put it into the right format and formal language I’m also having problems with the venue do you know how to book a room when someone has already booked it for something less important if so you couldn’t do that for me could you apologies again for hitting you with all this all at once thanks in advance for any help you can give me all the best Alex

How could you organise each of the other kinds of email above into paragraphs?

How would you reply to each of those emails? What paragraph structure and language would be suitable?

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