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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Business English Going to for Future Plans Sentence Guessing game 

Choose one of the sentences below and tell your partner(s) one thing you are going to do 
to prepare before you start doing it, e.g. 

“I am going to buy a desk”.

 They should try to 

guess which sentence below you are preparing for. If they are wrong, give them another 
clue, e.g. 

“I am going to borrow some money off my parents”.

 When they guess which 

sentence below correctly, switch roles and continue.   

You are going to give a presentation in English to the board of directors 
You are going to make a telephone call in English 
You are going to ask your boss for a pay rise 
You are going to ask a colleague to marry you 
You are going to start your own company 
You are going to take some foreign visors on a tour of your company 
You are going to write a company newsletter 
You are going to change departments 
You are going to renovate the office 
You are going to move out of your company accommodation 
You are going to have an interview for a new job in a multinational company 
You are going to meet your CEO for the first time 
You are going to kill your direct boss 
You are going to move desks 
You are going to go on a business trip abroad 
You are going to work all night 
You are going to start an intensive English course 
You are going to work in a dangerous area 
You are going to start a fire in the warehouse to get the insurance money 
You are going to take a long weekend 
You are going to go freelance 
You are going to sack someone 
You are going to give a retirement party for your boss 
You are going to cut down your commuting time 
You are going to have a Xmas office party 
You are going to employ someone who doesn’t speak your language 

Write more plans (real or imagined) and tell your partner how you are going to prepare 
and see if they can guess the whole sentence. 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Business English Going to for Future Plans Sentence Guessing game 
Worksheet 2- Grammar and further practice 
Grammar Presentation- Going to 

Why do we use “going to” in the sentences above and not “will”?   
Which future tense is used for plans, ambitions and goals? Which one is used for 
predictions about things you cannot change? 


Fill the sentences below with “be going to” or “will” (there is one of each in each pair of 

I think Gordon Brown ____________ lose the next election 
I ________________ buy a new car before the end of the year 
Next year I _________________ to stop smoking 
Next year the economy ______________ improve faster than this year 
Further Practice 
Tell your partner what you are going to do to achieve one of your own true plans, goals, 
ambitions etc. with “going to”, and see if they can guess what your plan is. 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 

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