Business English- Present Simple & Continuous guessing game


Practising present tenses by guessing common business English verbs

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Business English Present Simple and Continuous verb guessing game

Choose an action below and give hints until your partner guesses which it is, such as:

  • If you are doing it now or not (and maybe why)
  • Who is (probably) doing it now
  • How often you do it
  • When you do it
  • Who often does it


  • Be in the board room
  • Be late
  • Carry a smartphone/ loose change/ a wallet/ business cards/ a diary
  • Do overtime
  • Feel tired/ hot/ cold/ stressed/ relaxed/ confused
  • Have a hangover
  • Have fun (= Enjoy yourself)
  • Learn something new
  • Sit down
  • Speak a foreign language
  • Speak to someone from another country
  • Stand up
  • Use a dictionary/ an electronic dictionary/ a computer/ automatic pencil
  • Wait for a phone call/ an email/ some information
  • Wear a tie/ jacket/ skirt/ high heeled shoes/ earrings/ jewellery/ make up

Do the same with other actions not in the list above (e.g. wearing other things).

Do the same with verbs to describe companies, mentioning:

  • If your company is doing that now or not (and maybe why)
  • How often and when your company does that
  • What other companies are and aren’t doing that now
  • How often and when other companies do that


  • Advertise
  • Cut costs
  • Have performance review meetings
  • Offer a training course
  • Invest (in…)
  • Launch a new product – Scrap an old product
  • Make a profit – Lose money
  • Open a new branch/ a new office
  • Pay bonuses
  • Recruit (= Employ new people)
  • Take over another company/ Merge with another company
  • Use consultants
  • Use agency staff

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