Business English Presentations- Voice & Body Language


Using voice and body in presentations roleplays and discussion

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Presentations voice and body roleplay cards

Give a presentation while doing the thing that is written on one of the roleplays card that you are given you, e.g. “Speak very very loudly”. After you finish, your partner will try to guess what is written on your roleplay card. Then discuss how good or bad that thing is.


Avoid eye contact



Keep your arms crossed



Stare off into space (not at the audience)



Stare at one audience member



Sound bored/ boring



Sit on your hands (to stop yourself making any gestures)



Move your body all the time (making lots of gestures, etc)



Fidget (= repeat an unconscious gesture like scratching your nose or tapping your foot)



Keep looking at your notes (without looking up)



Slouch (= sit in an extremely relaxed position)



Sit on the very front edge of your chair with your back very straight



Smile as much as possible



Avoid smiling


Discuss how good or bad the things written on the other cards are, then give each other advice about voice and body language/ gestures in presentations.

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