Business English- Words that can and cannot be shortened


Business abbreviations and words which are sometimes wrongly abbreviated

Business English that can and cannot be shortened


Business English words that can be shortened

Without looking at Part B below, try to write other way of saying the things below in English, for example shorter and/ or more informal words and expressions.

  • a cash register
  • a dollar
  • a memorandum
  • advertisements
  • an office building
  • an overhead projector
  • correspondence                                                           
  • direct mail
  • inflation
  • information


Mixed answers

Match these words and expressions with the ones above

  • a buck
  • a memo
  • ads adverts
  • an office block
  • an OHP
  • info
  • junk mail
  • mail
  • price rises
  • the till


Business English words that can’t be shortened

None of these words can be shortened in English, so write them out in full

  • Infla_____ has reached a record high of 23%
  • Please evacuate the buil_____ at once
  • I bought a seco_____ han____ car from a local car dealer
  • I had to find a part ______ ______ to pay for my studies
  • He’s a white collar _________
  • Multi task________ saves time but increases confusion!
  • Mass pro______________ goods are good for the consumer and bad for the worker who makes them. Luckily, every worker is also a consumer.
  • The woman accused her boss of sexu___ hara___________

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